Workout gear for every body

Words byHayley Hayley

Everybody wants to look good, right? And everybody deserves to look and feel amazing when they’re exercising. For years, athleisure was a narrow industry that only took into account a certain body type, but guess what. That’s not realistic!

Thankfully, things are changing. Gone are the days of exclusivity in the fitness and athleisure industries because today it is all about inclusivity and body positivity. It’s about damn time! We’ve rounded up a collection of our favourite brands for workout gear for everybody, for every body.

Universal Standard

Though this brand makes everything from t-shirts to outerwear, we particularly love their activewear. Each piece is specifically engineered to suit real bodies (not fit models!) and is designed to liberate the body for a full range of movement. That’s pretty essential when you’re working out! The pieces stay put when you’re moving, so nothing is sliding up or curling down. The leggings, tanks and bodysuits are available in sizes 2XS to 2XL.

Girlfriend Collective

This brand may be doing the most for body positivity and the environment. Talk about a win-win! Their sizes range from XXS to 6XL and are all made sustainably with recycled materials. They want to make sustainable activewear accessible for as many people as possible, as they believe that health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes. 

Superfit Hero

Luckily Girlfriend Collective is not the only inclusive, ethical sportswear brand out there. Superfit Hero, which hails from Los Angeles, produces athleisure that “Superfits” to suit whatever sport you’re playing and whatever size and shape you are. You can buy their pieces in sizes from XS to 5XL, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.


Don’t worry. We didn’t forget about the guys out there. Rhone is one of the most popular brands for men’s workout gear and for good reason. Their fabrics are some of the best we’ve encountered, and all of their clothes come in sizes Small to XXL. 

Public Rec

Sure, a lot of their apparel is geared toward dudes lounging or meandering their way home from a tough workout, but you can certainly still blast out a workout in their chic athleisure. Men can pick up their t-shirts and sweatpants (great for the gym, couch or Casual Friday) in sizes ranging from Small to 2XL.


When women are working out, they have to think about more than just their leggings or their t-shirts. They can’t forget about their sports bras. That’s where Knix comes in. Though it’s technically an intimates brand, we felt it was important to include them here. They offer wire-free sports bras that can withstand even the most hard-core workouts in sizes from 32A to 42G. Impressive!