Where to party with us off the bike during ADE

Words byRocycle Rocycle

This week, Amsterdam’s grooviest festival, ADE, hits the city. Every year in October, the Amsterdam Dance Event brings us five whole days of the best of electronic dance music. Since its founding in 1995 as a thre3e-day conference attended by 300 delegates and 30 DJs, ADE has been dedicated to bringing people together through music and dance. Though it has expanded far beyond its three original locations – Paradiso, Melkweg and Club Escape – it is still the ideal place to discover the coolest trends in music and new talents.

As you know, music is the heart and soul of Rocycle. Without it, how could we ride to the beat? That’s why we love ADE.

Want to know where to unite mind, body and music with your favourite instructors? We’ve got their favourite ADE parties below so you can shake your booty with them.

Luuk – To begin the festival, I’m invited to the opening drinks, so it won’t be a big party – just drinks and a bit of socializing. As for the parties, I love Awakenings. It’s got a hard beat that you can dance to for hours. I also love Breakfast Club, which is a party in the morning where breakfast is served. You can meet people there who were partying the whole night but also people just waking up, just enjoying their breakfast and the beat. Last but not least, DGTL – mainly because Jon Hopkins will spin, and I loooove his music! Great to use in performances and maybe a theme ride.

Isabella – Well, I can only tell you that I’m going to The Breakfast Club. It’s at Radion on the 21st and starts at 7:00 in the morning (hence the Breakfast Club) and ends around 17:00 in the evening. I love the Breakfast Club, and I have been going there for the last three years. I love the concept. I like to go to bed quite early the day before and get up early to have a nice organic breakfast (they actually serve breakfast there!) at Radion. After breakfast, I make my move to the dance floor and dance to quirky house and techno like Peggy Gou and Blawan until 17:00. After closing, I go home, eat and drink something and go to sleep early. The next day I will not be having that hangover!

Leonie – I’m actually not attending any ADE parties this year. I do love Awakenings though!

Martijn – This year, I’m going to Audio Obscura with Melinda! We love the DJs, and the location is freakin’ awesome!

Herns – I’m actually not really jumping into the festivities this year. I’m trying to calm it down from my side. Sorry I’m so boring! (We don’t think you’re boring Herns! We’ll just have to move n’ groove with you on the bike this year)

Rogier – You can find me at Audio Obscura x Rijksmuseum present: Underworld. It’s a party in the cycle tunnel of the Rijkmuseum on Friday October 20. You have to register for a lottery for a ticket and hope you get lucky!

Donna – This year you will find me at Into the Woods, as my best friends from London who form the “Otzeki” couple will be performing there. Then, on the 22nd, the night of my 25th birthday, I will be in De School, dancing ‘til the end of ADE with the other Rocycle instructors.

Jeff – On Friday, October 20 during ADE you’ll find me at Awakenings x Joris Voorn & Friends at Gashouder. On Saturday, I’ll either be at Awakenings x Joseph Capritati invites at Gashouder or Pleinvrees ADE x Fritz Kalkbrenner & Stil vor Talent at Westerunie. I still haven’t decided which one to go to yet! I like them because there’s a great light show, the venues have multiple spaces to explore and get lost in, they’re always a fun vibe and the music is amazing!

Rowen – My very fave ADE party would be the Awakenings parties. Their line-up is ridiculous! The best DJs from all over the world come together and play epic sets. Also, the audience is fun, mostly people that come for their favourite DJ and simply love to dance. No bullsh*t. The music is hard, pure techno, which I love! No commercial house sounds or anything like that, barely any vocals! My favourite places to be during ADE are De School and Gashouder, which are also the places I will be found this year.

Babette – During ADE, you will definitely find me partying off the bike. Since my best friend, and partner in crime when it comes to parties, has exams the week after ADE, we’re planning to go to a party on the kick-off on Wednesday, October 18th (enough time to recover before the exams haha!). We’ve bought tickets to Play it, Say it ADE in Shelter in Noord. We have heard stories about Shelter but have never been, so we thought ADE was a good time to try! We wanted to go to a location that’s different from the usual clubs downtown and try something new. We know the line-up is good, and it’s a new location for us, so we’re up for adventure!

So, basically anywhere you turn this ADE, you might find one of us boogying to the beat. What about you? What are your favourite ADE parties?