The School Of Life.

Words byHayley Hayley

Though we (unfortunately) won’t be seeing you in the studio just yet, we can’t wait until we can sweat together soon. Until that day rolls around, we are still here for you, ready to support and inspire wherever we can. While we wait, we’re doing everything we can to Feel Good. We sat down with The School of Life to get the lowdown on self-development, mindfulness and improving our lives. Get ready to Feel Good.

What did you learn from 2020? 

Individuality is a very small part of life. 2020 showed us how we need others to thrive and lead a meaningful life. Everything we missed while living in lockdown had to do with missing opportunities to connect with friends and loved ones. Every philosopher and great thinker has taught us these lessons throughout the ages, but for some reason, sometimes you have to live it to believe it. 

The School of Life is all about introspection and self-development. Do you think people are more open to this after last year? 

Absolutely. One thing we noticed, especially during the harder parts of lockdown, was how many people were attracted to our message. Because of a lack of distractions, people started to think about what matters to them, how they are living their lives and what changes they might want to make. There were fundamental needs people were expressing across every demographic: a simpler, more fulfilling life; more time for themselves; more time in nature and a desire to be less busy for busyness’ sake.  

How do you make self-development and a focus on ‘wisdom for resilience’ appealing to people? 

We make complex ideas accessible to everyone by showing people how these ideas and theories apply to their daily lives and how it can help in a search for the authentic self. We do this through our online and offline events but also through our games, YouTube channel, books and conversation boxes. These things offer people an easy path toward courageous conversations. Esthetics matter, of course. We take pride in creating beautiful products. 

Do you think exercise is important for people who want to live a calmer, more resilient, more fulfilled life? 

The mind is encased in the body. For the mind to be balanced and calm, the body needs to be stimulated and cared for as well. 

What are the top five things people can do to improve quality of life? 

1) Connect with others 

2) Sleep 

3 Reflect (by following one of our classes 😉) 

4) Eat well – in terms of health and taste – to nourish the body and the mind 

5) Disconnect from technology 

Tell us your thoughts on meditation and mindfulness. Do they live up to the hype? 

Taking the time to rest, reflect and take stock of a situation will always be beneficial. The technique you use is up to you. Meditation has been proven to work. If it works for you, go get ‘em, tiger! 

What are you looking forward to this year? 

A well-deserved holiday! A great party, where distance doesn’t matter! Hugs! Being able to meet strangers!  

Give us your best piece of advice. 

We’re all a little messed up, and we’re all trying our hardest. Be kind to others and yourself.