The bucket list

Words byHayley Hayley

It’s official. This year is the year we do things differently. The year we take a different route. The year we do something that scares us. Are you with us?

Because we are embracing new challenges and using our fear as our fuel to help us grow as individuals and as a community, we decided to make a bucket list. That way, we’re held accountable. We have so many things we want to do and things we want to achieve, that we just knew we had to write it down. And every time we do something from the list, we can check it off. How satisfying is that? So if you’re ready to change your life now, one small moment at a time, we hope you will write your own bucket list. Or just follow along with ours!

#1. Complete a 90-minute Roasted Ride. Without complaining. We’re having a Roasted on every first Sunday of the month!

#2. Join our friends at a new workout, even if we’re nervous as hell.

#3. Ask for something at work, whether it’s an extra day off for some self-care or a raise. You don’t get if you don’t ask.

#4. Bike to a new part of the city. Explore! There is so much to see.

#5. Check out every Ro’studio. Even Utrecht!

#6. Read something we wouldn’t normally choose. It’s always good to expand the mind, even if you don’t totally love it.

#7. Try out every instructor and find our new favourites!

#8. Wake up before the sun and smash that 6:00 A.M. ride.

#9. Travel somewhere unusual, somewhere off the beaten path. And enjoy getting lost while we’re there. 

#10. Pick a week and sweat it out in a Ro’ride every single day.

#11. Stay until the end of class and speak to someone we don’t know, whether it’s the instructor or another Ro’rider. If we’re stuck on what to say, we’ll remember genuine compliments are always good ice breakers.

#12. Try a juice cleanse from The Cold Pressed Juicery. We know we’ll feel accomplished if we even finish one full day!

#13. Vow not to sit down during Rowen’s Hate Eight. Even just the once. 

#14. Be open to new things. Welcome change and challenge in equal measure.