The 7-Day Happiness Challenge

Words byMariah Mariah

7 steps to try for a more joyful and connected 2023. 

“Love Makes the World Go Round”, like Deon Jackson sang, and we couldn’t agree more. Strong relationships and connections are what make for a happy life, more so than anything else.  

With that in mind we’ve created the Rocycle 7-day Happiness Challenge! This exciting journey combines two key aspects of a fulfilling life: physical fitness and social fitness.

The first part of the challenge invites you to embark on your Rocycle adventure, where you will take on seven rides in seven days for seven euros. Get the pack here.

The second part of the challenge focuses on on a, very important, element of living the good life: your relationships & connections. The challenge is designed to boost your happiness levels. So, are you ready to tackle this dual challenge and transform yourself both physically and emotionally?"

Day 1: Assess Your Relationships

Like we said, strong relationships are what make for a happy life, what makes us thrive. More so than wealth or your IQ or social class. So, if you’re going to do one thing this year for your health and happiness, find the time to work on your relationships. 

During the 7-day Happiness challenge, we’ll not only be working on our physical fitness, but also our ‘social fitness’. Let’s first see how good of a social shape you are in and take the quiz here: Take the quiz

But remember, there is no right number of friends, you don’t need to be an extrovert to improve your social fitness and it’s never too late to work on your social fitness.

Day 2: Thanking Someone Special

Gratitude has a very strong positive impact on your happiness and is strongly associated with greater happiness. That’s why we’re going to take time to cherish the people we love. 

For today’s challenge, we’re going to get vulnerable with someone close to us and tell them how we feel about them. How have they changed your life? Where would you be without them? 

Pro tip: think about what you’d like to say to this person if you thought you’d never see them again. 

Write it down, name as many examples as possible and don’t overthink it. It doesn’t matter how, but send it to them, by email, text, handwritten note, whatever! Then feel how it impacts your feeling of well-being and connectedness. The fun part about this exercise is that it feels good for both you and the person you showed your gratitude to. 

Day 3: The Power of Compliments

You know that feeling when someone goes out of the way to pay you a compliment? It feels good, right? Giving those compliments and putting a smile on someone’s day also feels very good. And it can be a great way to open the door to a conversation.

That’s why for today’s challenge we want you to pay 3 different people a compliment. It doesn't matter who; a friend with a new haircut, another rider with a cute workout outfit. Go out of your way to brighten someone else’s (and your own) day.

Genuine compliments have the power to build relationships, plus they boost your self-esteem and confidence in you and the receiver! A win-win challenge. 

Day 4: Small Talk = Big Benefits 

Small talk might be more valuable than you think. 

For today’s challenge, we want you to talk to the person next to you on the bike. Strike up a casual conversation and see how it can uplift your day or add something nice. 

Those “weak ties”, might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Those brief but warm exchanges have a direct effect on your happiness and can affect your mood and energy far more than you might think. 

If you try to talk to a stranger and get ignored or don’t get a nice response, don’t let it bring you down. They don’t know you and they’re not rejecting you based on who you are. A lot of people do enjoy these little moments of connection, so try again with someone else. 

Day 5: Working on Physical and Social Fitness

Socializing is good for your happiness and health, and so is exercising. So why not combine the two? Besides, working out in a group setting and/or with friends makes you feel more like you’re a part of a bigger community and boosts your motivation, drive and, of course, fun. 

The challenge for today is to find and ask someone to become Ro’buddies (or gym buddies, whatever work-out you prefer) and schedule a ride/work-out together. Try to keep it up together, plan this weekly and see how you will get more in shape both physically and socially.

Day 6: The Importance of Community 

A way of feeling socially connected and have that sense of belonging is something you can find in your communities, like Rocycle. It makes us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves and gives us opportunities to connect, reach for goals and feel more safe and secure. 

Your challenge for today is get together at your community at Rocycle and to take a group picture with your class. This way you can unite with those around you, elevate your day and capture memories with your community. Don’t forget to share the picture and tag us, we love to see it!

Day 7: Keep Happiness Going All Year Long

You have reached the final day of the Happiness Challenge! Congrats on your efforts to build and strengthen your connection. You’ve assessed your current bonds, showed gratitude, gave out compliments, talked to another rider, found a gym buddy and took a group picture with your Ro’fam. Wow that’s a lot! 

But just like physical exercise, to stay in social shape you have to maintain your good habits. Your challenge for today is to keep challenging yourself and set specific relationship goals for the year. Try to think of small things you can do to nurture your connections, like sending a text, meeting up for lunch, giving a stranger a compliment etc. Write your goals down so you can come back review throughout the year.