Staycation 101

Words byHayley Hayley

Who doesn’t love a vacation? You’re away from the office, away from all the pressures of things you have to do. But sometimes, travel can actually be more stressful than you imagine. We often come back from vacation more tired than before we left.

But what if you could have all the pleasures of getting away without all the hassle? Enter the staycation. No tickets to book. No schlepping to the airport. Just lots of rest and relaxation without a care in the world.

And though a staycation does require a little less planning than jetting off to Bali for a week, any good staycation still needs a little bit of planning. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to stay in your normal routine and even, gasp, get sucked back into work or the chores of home. So we wanted to share some of our best tips to help you have the best vacation ever, right from your own home.

Clean up your act. We certainly don’t suggest getting on all fours and scrubbing the bathroom with a toothbrush because where is the fun in that? That being said, one of the great things about being on vacation is being in beautiful, sparkling clean environments. Hire a cleaner to come and scrub your house from top to bottom, tackling the floors, the dishes and everything in between. That way, you start your staycation in a state of bliss.

Put your stress to bed. Sleep is an integral part of any good staycation, and, trust us, you’ll be getting plenty. But why not bump things up a notch by putting something fresh and pretty in your bedroom to make it feel like a luxury hotel. Pick up a bouquet of flowers, a new candle or a crisp new set of sheets to make things a little bit more special. Bonus: have the cleaners make up your bed with your new sheets (and put a chocolate on your pillow) to really feel transported.

Make room for room service. Though this is a little tougher to do if you’re staycationing alone, it can be done! If you are having your staycation with a partner or roommate, swap days for room service duty. That way you can both stretch out in bed and delight in your new book while the intoxicating scent of farm fresh eggs and toast waft into your bedroom. Going it alone? That works too! Just prepare some make ahead breakfast like overnight oats or a breakfast casserole that you pre-froze and can just pop in the oven. That way, when you wake up – without your alarm, of course – you can hop out of bed and grab your breakfast with minimal work before bringing it right back to your crisp, fresh bed.

Show up late (or early). Even if you’re on staycation, it’s still pretty nice to sweat it out a bit. But, if you’re usually squeezing into our 7:00 A.M. classes (or 6:00 if you’re really hard core), there’s nothing more luxurious than booking yourself for that 10:00 A.M. class. You’ll still be dreaming away when you’d normally have already worked out, gulped down a smoothie and sent your first emails of the day. More of an after work rider? Come at 17:00 and still have the whole evening to yourself.

Treat yourself. One of the most fun things to do when you’re on holiday is to go treasure hunting for souvenirs to bring home to remember your trip by. Just because you aren’t leaving Amsterdam doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have something to remind you of your staycation. Pick up some beautiful handmade mugs to enjoy your (late) morning matcha lattes out of or some lovely wine glasses. That way you can use them during your staycation as well as for years to come.