Self-Love in the Time of Corona

Words byHayley Hayley

These are wild times we’re living in. Not only are we embroiled in political turmoil and only recently recovering from devastating wildfires but we are now in the midst of a pandemic: Coronavirus. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is real and it’s here to stay, it seems. While it may have initially felt impossible that we’d end up in a situation similar to that in Italy, we are now in the midst of self-isolation and quarantine.

Even if you aren’t afraid of catching COVID-19, you must look out for those around you, you must protect those who are most at risk. That’s why we’ve temporarily closed all of our studios and why we are all working remotely. We recommend that if you are able to do so, that you do the same. It’s as much about protecting the wellbeing of those most at risk as about protecting yourself. We’re all in this together!

It’s natural that you might go a little stir crazy staying at home all day every day for the foreseeable future. Even if it was something you dreamt about before, being forced to do something is never fun.

So to keep spirits high and ensure we have some joy every day, we’ve made a list of wonderful things we can do during this time of social distancing to show ourselves some love. Now, who’s with us?

  • Read a book. Read ten books! You finally have the time you need to get reading, so what are you waiting for?
  • Work your way through your must-watch movie list or binge watch a new series or two. Never has a Netflix subscription been so appealing. Amazon Prime is also a good shout if you’ve exhausted Netflix.
  • Start cooking. Or keep cooking! Experiment with all those recipes you’ve been wanting to test out.
  • Order in or get takeaway from amazing restaurants. It’s important to help support the wonderful businesses we love. Many fantastic restaurants that you normally have to visit in person are now doing delivery. Think RIJKS, Rijsel, Scheepskameel and De Vrouw Met De Baard.
  • Purchase some gift cards. There’s nothing like treating yourself, and future you will love current you even more if you buy some gift certificates for places like Rocycle that future you can enjoy when all the madness calms.
  • Practice yoga or meditation at home. There are loads of free yoga sequences and guided meditations online that will make quarantine feel like a retreat.
  • Turn your home into a spa! Face masks, at-home pedicures, whatever you love can be done in the comfort of your own home.
  • Go for a walk or a run. You can still enjoy the glorious sunshine and get some fresh air. We all need it!
  • Pick up a new hobby. Whether it’s painting, baking or needlepoint, it will keep you busy.
  • Clean and organise your home. You’ll feel calm and productive.
  • FaceTime and call friends. Just because you can’t hang out in person doesn’t mean you can’t socialise.

Now that we’ve shared our tips with you, we’re curious to know what you’re up to. What’s bringing you joy in these chaotic times?