Secret Weapons: Tools for Intention-Setting

Words byHayley Hayley

We’re not totally sure how, but the first month of 2020 has just about blown by. Without noticing, barely blinking, we’re already well into the year, and it has us thinking. Sure, we already set our New Year’s resolutions. We may even have broken one or two already. But we think that now – as we are on the cusp of the dreariness of February – is as good a time as any to think about what kind of people we want to be for the upcoming decade. 

It’s time to set some intentions.

In order to help set those intentions (and to stick to them) we’re arming ourselves with some tools. Because with these in our arsenal, nothing will be able to stand in our way. 

#1. The School of Life: An Emotional Education. This amazing book is a deep-dive into the way that emotional intelligence rules our lives, from our romantic and professional relationships to our social successes. The more emotionally intelligent we are, the more likely we are to succeed in all that we do. And with this book on your bookshelf, you’ll be able to achieve all your goals much more easily.

#2. The Pattern. Even if you think you’re not into horoscopes and all that jazz, we promise downloading this app is totally worth downloading. It’s also free, so you really have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. When you enter your birth details – time, place, etc – the app will spit out a breakdown of who you are. Every day it sends you enlightening insights into your behaviour, which are often spookily accurate, so you can get an idea into how you behave. And when you know how you behave, you can change things for the better.

#3. A journal. And make sure it’s beautiful because we can bet you’ll be more likely to keep up with it. Writing down your intentions for each day or week or month will keep you accountable. And when you’re accountable and turn something into a regular practice, you are far more likely to stick to it. Make intentions part of your daily life. That way you will also live with intention.

#4. Crystals. This is another one that may sound a bit woo-woo to the sceptics out there, but keeping a few crystals at home can help you manifest your intentions. Do you intend to find love this decade? Go for rose quartz? Would you like to ask for a promotion at work that you know you deserve? Amazonite inspires courage so will encourage you to take charge of your life. Do a little research and find out which crystal will help you achieve your goals. Even if you don’t exactly believe in them, their physical presence will serve as a physical reminder to achieve what you’ve set out to.

#5. Inspire Nation Show, The Secret to Setting Powerful Intentions. If you need some words of encouragement, we highly recommend this podcast. With the hosts’ guidance, you will take charge of your life and set the intentions that will help you become the person you want to be this year and this decade.