Rocycle Club Tour.

Words byHayley Hayley

CLUB TOUR is a series of exclusive Rocycle studios popping up in the coolest clubs across the Netherlands. Our Club Tour stops? Amsterdam’s Club Escape & De Marktkantine, Transport Club in Rotterdam and Club Basis in Utrecht.

When you book a CLUB TOUR Ro’ride, you’re truly getting a party on a bike. There will be the best, most fun theme rides, playlists hand-curated by Armada Music and all those club vibes we love and miss – without the time wasted standing in line for drinks. All of your favourite instructors will be up on that podium, guiding you through pyramids, climbs and tap-backs as usual.

Are you in? We thought so! If you’re ready to get groovy on the Rocycle CLUB TOUR, you can get a pack of 2 rides for just €16. Once you’ve got the credits in your account, you’ll be able to book in from now on. Regular credits can be used as well.