Rocycle Charity Month

Words byHayley Hayley

Whenever we’re in the studio, we give everything we’ve got. To each other, to ourselves. But we all know that the world extends beyond the studio and beyond our wonderful Ro’Fam. That’s why we want to take that same attitude we bring to the bike and spread it far and wide.

That’s why November is Charity Month.

We’re focusing on giving back, feeling gratitude and spreading kindness around like it’s confetti. A few of our instructors are riding for causes dear to their hearts. Join their Charity Rides and we will donate €5 per rider.

Jeff: On November 10th at 18:00, Jeff will be leading his riders at Amsterdam City in support of Women Win. This organisation focuses on grassroots Sports for Development around the world and in the importance of empowering women through movement.

Luuk: When Luuk is inspiring riders at Zuidas on November 26th at 12:00, he’ll be riding to raise funds for Save a Child’s Heart. This beautiful charity supports children across the globe, providing funding for pediatric cardiac care.

Channah: We’ll be back at Escape on November 16th at 18:00, but this time for a good cause. Channah and presenter Geraldine Kemper will be taking the stage to inspire her riders and help raise money for ActionAid. This NGO is active worldwide and works to fight poverty and injustice to make the earth a better place.

Alicia: Amsterdam isn’t the only city with heart. Utrechters, get ready to ride for a fantastic cause. Alicia and her studio full of riders will be sweating for Breast Cancer Awareness on November 17th at 18:00. Don’t miss your chance to give back at Utrecht City!

Antoinette: November 14th will be a great day for women everywhere, as Antoinette and Utrecht’s Peron E studio raise money for Stichting Bratelle. This brand doesn’t simply want to make money; they want to do some good – they’re developing a special bra for breast cancer survivors with breast edema.

Laura: Though the Netherlands has a great social support system, 100,000 children have still been neglected or mistreated. Het Vergeten Kind is committed to these children and to improving their lives and making them feel seen. Ride with Laura on November 27th at 11:00 in Rotterdam to remember every last child.

Book your charity ride here. Find out more on @rocyclestudios and let’s ride together!