Rocycle by numbers

Words byHayley Hayley

Guess what. It’s our birthday! We can barely believe it. We still remember how just a few years ago, Rocycle was just a fantastic idea, percolating in the brains of our founders Rogier and Roxy. And in that very short period of time, we have become something truly amazing. 

So in honour of our third birthday, we wanted to take a look at our brand and our history through a few very important numbers. Ready to get counting?

1 wonderful, inclusive Ro’family

2 incredible cities (and counting!)

3 memorable years

4 super cool studios (plus one on the way!)

7 perfect days open each week

9 killerclasses a day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

14 chic pieces of Rocycle swag

29 badass instructors

45 sweaty, powerful minutes

48 original bikes in our very first studio on opening day

102 dedicated employees

167 engaging, informative blog posts

232 sleek bikes in our studios today

11,334 ass-kicking classes

14,200 loyal Instagram followers

∞ good vibes and positive thoughts in every studio