Rider spotlight: Madison

Words byHayley Hayley

At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce some of our Ro’Regulars. It might surprise you but one of our super fit Ro’riders, Madison Ayton is also incredibly graceful off the bike, as she is a member of the Dutch National Ballet. Today, we’ve got the inside scoop on how an elegant ballerina fuels herself on a ride day, what her favourite ballet is and what Rocycle means to her.

Hi Madison! What a pleasure to speak with you a bit more. Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Madison Ayton, I’m 17 years old and originally from Australia. I moved to Amsterdam when I was 16 and joined the Dutch National Ballet as a Junior Company member.

That’s a pretty big move at such a young age. Can you tell us how you came to Rocycle?

I came across Rocycle when I was looking for alternative ways to exercise, but I wanted to also have fun. But also something different from ballet so I could challenge myself. Ever since my friends and I discovered Rocycle, we always try and make a trip down, and we can’t help telling as many people as we can about it!

You guys must be the most coordinated girls on the bikes! We know that your training is pretty intense. How do you stay fit for it?

The ‘ballerina’ lifestyle is hard. You have to be so incredibly strong yet graceful. Like a swan, the legs are working so fast, but you don’t necessarily see that. You just see the beautiful and graceful upper body. I am always looking to try out new classes in addition to Rocycle. CrossFit classes, yoga, working with a personal trainer. I’ve also found swimming is a great alternative as well.

Sounds like a pretty well-rounded program. How about nutrition? Is it important to you?

Nutrition is so important! Making sure our bodies get the right nutrients is a must. Before a cycle I need to make sure I have energy. Because by the end of a class, I’m dead. After is just as important though. I always try to get a protein shake or protein bar to fuel and repair the muscles.

It is totally necessary! Without it, we feel dead too. Speaking of nutrition, do you have any favourite healthy hotspots in Amsterdam?

I’m always looking for healthy places to go to. I love places like Sla!

We know it’s like asking a mother to pick a favourite child, but do you have a favourite ballet?

My favourite ballet would have to be Romeo and Juliet! That’s one ballet that can make me cry nearly every time.

Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get to see you in it one day. Alright, final question: what does Rocycle mean to you?

Rocycle is a place where you can be free and really work on bettering yourself, for you. There is absolutely no judgment, and the instructors and other people around you motivate and inspire you. All of the positive energy in that room fills you and pushes you harder, and that’s what I love.