Rider spotlight: Ariadna

Words byHayley Hayley

At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce some of our Ro’Regulars. One of our frequent riders Ariana sat down with us today to dish about how Rocycle and Bikram keep her summer body ready all year long, the fact that no sugar doesn’t necessarily mean no fun and how 45 minutes on the bike is her chosen form of meditation.

Hi Ariadna! So nice to chat with you today – could you introduce yourself?

Hi! I am Ariadna Quesada, and I live in the centre of Amsterdam with my husband and my little girl. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the Netherlands 11 years ago for my job. The plan was to spend two years in Amsterdam, but we fell in love with the city, and here we are 11 years later! I am a certified fraud examiner, and I work as a compliance officer for an international healthcare organization.

It’s easy to fall in love with this city! And easier to fall in love with Rocycle 😉 How did you find us?

I love to cycle, and I love music, so Rocycle came as the perfect combination of exercise, fun and energy!

An ideal combo, if you ask us. Outside of Rocycle, what other forms of exercise do you do?

I used to run, practice yoga, cycle and do Pilates. Now I combine Rocycle with Bikram yoga. It’s the best combination of cardio and stretching exercises.

Sounds like a great balancing act. Do you also try to achieve the same sort of balance in your diet?

I try to follow a no sugar diet. I started this after following the “contagiously healthy program” where I learned to eat healthy and fun, without added sugar.

Speaking of nutrition, what is your favourite Cold Pressed juice or smoothie?

The juices with blueberries and strawberries are my preferred ones.

We know it’s tough to pick, but do you have a favourite instructor?

All the instructors are GREAT!! I love the sessions with Aline; she is pure energy J.

Ok, last question. What does Rocycle mean to you?

There are people that meditate in a quiet room with candles. I meditate in the Rocycle studio in the dark with great music. My 45 minutes at Rocycle is a time for myself. It’s the moment I take care of my body, relax, clear my mind and reach full concentration.