Refrigerator lookbook: Rowen

Words byHayley Hayley

Ever wondered how our instructors stay so fit and healthy? Did you ever think that maybe if you ate like them (and maybe trained too!) that you would have just as killer abs? We know we do all the time. Finally, you have the chance to be a fly on the wall. Or, a fly in the fridge, rather. Each of our instructors has shared a snap of their refrigerators, full of everything from fresh lemons to an army of tonic bottles.

Let’s check out what Rowen’s stocking in hers!

Fride lookbook rowen

So we spy an Rx bar and a water bottle from Barry’s Bootcamp. We know you can only get those from the States or London. Have you been travelling?

Yes! I went to LA recently and fell in love with California and its fitness scene. While the workouts are next level, the nutrition is also insanely good! And I kinda got addicted to Barry’s too…

But hopefully not more addicted to Barry’s than Rocycle. There are a couple containers of coconut water stashed away in there. We know a lot of people use it to recharge after a workout (nature’s Gatorade, if you will). Can you tell us why you drink it?

Staying hydrated is the number one rule in my house. A cold coconut water is the best teat besides water! Also, when I feel like snacking but shouldn’t (in between classes, for example) because it brings my energy down, a coconut water is a great alternative. It’s sweet but gives you energy instead of stealing it!

So about all that beer…We love a bit of balance. After all, there’s nothing better on a Friday evening – particularly if you pushed yourself in class that morning – than a cold biertje. Do you think it’s important to treat yourself to a beer or glass of champagne every now and then?

There’s a sh*tload of beer in my fridge because I don’t drink it; the boys in our friend group do, so that’s their ‘treat’ whenever the come around. Us ladies like to go a little stronger and harder. L-O-V-E to treat myself to a drink…if you look closely, you’ll see a sh*tload of tonic…and guess what that’s for. YAS! G&Ts.

Nothing wrong with treating yourself! What is a typical meal you’d whip up from these ingredients?

Usually for dinner, I barely cook. I go for takeaways, out for dinner or, mostly, have dinner at my parents’ place. Mommy’s kitchen is the BEST! I make lunch for myself at home though. My favourites to make are sweet potato soup and smoked salmon sandwiches with avocado, cottage cheese and eggs.

Mmmm we know where we’re going for lunch tomorrow. So, we don’t see much meat in your fridge or any animal products at all really, except for the smoked salmon. Do you prefer a plant-based diet?

I do not eat a plant-based diet, but I do prefer fish over everything else.

A good herring is a great meal. Is there anything you normally grab from the supermarket that’s missing here?

Snickers ice cream…they’re hiding in the freezer.

Alright, last question: if you could swap refrigerators with anyone you know, who would it be and why?

Definitely my parents’ fridge. I basically ‘own’ it, as most of their food disappears into my body. So shameless! And they still love me…insane!