Puff daddy

Words byRocycle Rocycle

Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror and been shocked by the balloon starting back at you? Or how about struggling to shove your feet into your boots after a transatlantic flight? Or maybe you’ve just noticed eye bags so big it looks as if you’ve taken them shopping? Whatever it is, you’ve probably experienced fluid retention at least once in your life. And if you have, you’d probably like to know how to de-puff and de-bloat – ASAP.

So now that we’ve established we’re all likely on the same page here, you’re probably wondering why you feel like a blowfish from time to time, right? Turns out there are a fair few factors that come into play in water retention. Food allergies, stress overload and consuming too much sodium can all cause your body to hold onto excess water. Medical conditions and medication side effects, infrequent exercise (but you’re reading this, so we doubt this applies to you!), alcohol consumption and vitamin deficiencies can are also common reasons why your circulatory and lymphatic systems aren’t functioning as efficiently as you’d like.

Want to look and feel better fast? Try our three-step program to get those internal juices flowing as they should be.

Step 1: Take a shot. Skip the tequila and whisk together a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and water. Stir in a generous pinch of cayenne pepper and toss it back. If you do this upon rising in the morning a few times throughout the day, the combination will help flush you out as a result of apple cider vinegar’s high potassium levels and cayenne’s circulatory stimulant abilities.

Step 2: Go on, brush your shoulder off. And the rest of your body! Dry brushing is one of the best things you can do to get your lymphatic system flowing, which, in turn, will get rid of excess water you’re storing. Using a long-handled natural bristle brush, start brushing from your feet, working in sweeping circular motions, towards your heart. After you’ve brushed your entire body, hop in the shower quickly then apply a natural fruit oil like coconut or rose hip all over. You’ll start noticing big changes within a week.

Step 3: Tea-total. While cutting back on alcohol will certainly help, we know that this can be tough. Instead of going teetotal, try going tea-total. Brew a homemade tea with dandelion, hibiscus or fennel (all shown to have diuretic effects). Add some nettle in there for extra water retention reduction!