Let your body move to the music

Words byRocycle Rocycle

Mind. Body. Music. Everyone knows that, when exercising, we flex both our mental and physical muscles. Finishing that 10k or getting in one last round of Russian twists is as much a test of your brain’s endurance as your body’s. But what about the music?

At Rocycle, we know just how essential music is to a killer workout, and we always strive to move to the rhythm. Because as much fun as sprinting to Single Ladies is (just think about how you feel when you’re boogying at a club or festival), catching that beat is also incredibly beneficial to your all around fitness.

Our obsession with music-driven exercise is founded in science. Studies show that slipping on those headphones or settling into Emma’s 80s-themed ride will improve your results immensely. Listening to music motivates people to exercise both longer and more vigorously. It also distracts you from negative thoughts and helps you forget about things like fatigue and boredom.

Just like workouts, not all songs are created equal. Ever wondered why Herns isn’t pumping free-form jazz out of our speakers? When choosing what to plug into, it’s important to consider music that has both a high B.P.M. (that’s beats-per-minute) and a steady rhythm that’s easy to coordinate movements to. The ideal tempo roughly corresponds to the average heart rate for a person during exercise. This lands somewhere between 120 and 140 beats-per-minute; however, high-intensity cardio often sees heart rate spiking up to 160.

So, when building your perfect workout playlist, remember:

Make sure you pick songs with a motivating tempo. Aim to have a mix of B.P.M.s ranging from 120 to 160.

  1. Avoid music with abrupt changes in time signature like hard-core punk. Rhythm is key!
  2. Look for diversity in your songs. The more you focus on the music, the less you focus on negative energy.
  3. Have fun! This is your workout and your playlist. If you have your headphones in, no one will judge you for your guilty pleasures.

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