Invest in yourself with these 8 books.

Words byHayley Hayley

When we were kids, many of us had summer reading lists. Though we may have pretended to dread tackling them (or really dreaded in some cases!), lots of us have shifted our view on reading, viewing it as a treat or a form of self-care rather than a teacher-inflicted punishment. Even though we’re excited to read in the little free time we have, we often are lost, stuck as to which book out of the zillions available to read. Luckily, our favourite Canadian Jeff is an avid reader, and he’s helped us curate a list of 8 books for self-investment.

Tackle these books for an extra motivation boost that will help you keep up in the challenge!

#1. Daring Greatly by Brene Brown is a powerful book about the blessings of embracing vulnerability and welcoming imperfections in our lives. If we are able to dare greatly in all that we do, we will be able to live with gusto and engage in our lives courageously.

#2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is an investigation into the beliefs that we all hold about ourselves that actually limit us, rather than expanding our minds and our existence. These beliefs scrub joy from our days and create suffering, but Ruiz explores a way of thinking and living, based on Toltec wisdom, that can lead us to a new and deeper experience of love, true happiness and freedom.

#3. Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham is the product of a twenty-five year-long study that sought to identify the most prevalent human talents, which are divided into thirty-four talents or “themes.” This book shows you how you can take these talents and translate them into success in your life, both in your personal life and your career.

#4. Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey was first published in 1989, but it is as relevant now as it was then. This book focuses on the important and timeless principles of fairness, honesty, human dignity and integrity and shows you how working on your attitude can help you make small changes in your life and working on your paradigm can help you enact great change.

#5. The 8th Habit by Steven R. Covey is a follow-up to his first classic. It focuses on the importance of finding your voice and then taking the time to inspire others to find theirs as well. Those of us that can do that will become the leaders we need now and in the future.

#6. Goals by Brian Tracey celebrates the successes of millions of men and women throughout history who began with nothing and achieved terrific success. Tracy lays out the essential principles you need to make your dreams come true, no matter how big.

#7. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is his second book and also a bestseller. It investigates how we think about thinking and about the choices that are made in a split second every single day. He uncovers the fact that these aren’t really as simple as they may seem. This book reveals that the true great decision makers are those that can perfect the art of “thin-slicing,” or filtering the few truly important factors from an overwhelming number of variables.

#8. Built to Last by Jim Collins takes things one step further, taking a deep dive into visionary companies that are enduring and substantial. If you’re looking to build a landmark company that has a long and successful future ahead, then this is the book for you.

So, tell us! What have you been reading this summer?