International Day Against Racism And Discrimination.

Words byHayley Hayley

Today, on International Day Against Racism and Discrimination, we wanted to support The Black Archives and the UNHCR. That’s why we’ve created a digital gift card with 10% of proceeds going to support these organisations. You’ll be able to purchase the gift card all week online. So, when you’re back in the studio, you’ll be riding for a great cause.

Despite our best efforts, discrimination is still a huge issue. The Rocycle Diversity & Inclusivity Committee is doing everything they can to make things even more inclusive here at Rocycle, but they don’t want to stop there. 

They want to educate, inform and support those in and outside of our community. Two organisations that the Committee holds particularly dear are The Black Archives and the UN Refugee Agency, the UNHCR. 

The Black Archives is a wonderful, unique archive that seeks to shed light on the oft-overlooked perspective of black people in the Netherlands. This historical archive aims to inspire conversations about the emancipation movements and encourage discussions about race to improve diversity and inclusivity.

The UNHCR a UN agency that works to help and protect refugees, displaced communities and stateless people. It uses its resources to support them through repatriation, integration into local communities and even resettlement to other countries. The people it supports are the most vulnerable and the most affected by global crises, and the UNHCR does everything it can to help them.