Instructor spotlight: Isabella

Words byRocycle Rocycle

At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce our instructors so you know a little bit more about them than their signature moves on the bike. Were you ever curious about how Isabella fuels herself for peak performance or whether she’s a night owl? Well, read on to find out.

Hi Isabella! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Isabella Boyer, I am 27-years-old and currently living in Amsterdam-Slotervaart. I was born in the centre of Amsterdam on the Prinsengracht, not even 5 minutes away from Rocycle!

So it was fate that you ended up at Rocycle, right?

Right. I love sports. Last year I was studying at the Sports Academy when Roxy, the operational director and long-time friend, contacted me to tell me about Rocycle. I actually started out as a studio assistant in March last year and started teaching in January this year.

Aside from loving the physicality of Rocycle, is there a spiritual component to exercise for you?

During a good and intense workout I always feel like I’m opening up a little bit, that I am in contact with my mind and body. It feels like a meditation for me, and it’s very soothing. Especially after the workout I always feel very light and open.

That mind-body connection is really important. How do you eat for a healthy body and mind?

Nutrition is very important, especially for those who excercise. If I have to teach in the morning, I always make sure I have a good breakfast, or at least some yoghurt with Cruesli and a piece of fruit. When I have to give two classes, I fuel myself in between classes with a banana or sometimes a powerball from the Cold Pressed Juicery. During the day, I make sure I get the vegetables and protein I need. On teaching days I always eat a lot more than non-teaching days.

Thank god for the CPJ. Seeing that you often teach morning classes, are you an early bird?

I am certainly NOT an early bird, especially in the winter when it’s dark. After getting up at 5:15 grumpy and unable to open my eyes, I tell myself that this is just a short moment and that it will pass. And it actually does when I’m getting on that bike, seeing the riders in front of me at 7:00 in the morning.

Sounds like we inspire you as much as you inspire us! Finally,  what does Rocycle mean to you?

Rocyle has given me many things, especially many opportunities to grow. I started as a studio assistant and ended up being an instructor. In addition to my personal growth, I have had the chance to get know many beautiful souls, colleagues and Ro'riders. I’m planning to stay as long as I can.