Instructor spotlight: Giulio

Words byHayley Hayley

Tell us about yourself

Hello there. I’m Giulio, I am 24 and I come from Italy. Turin, to be precise. I moved to the Netherlands last summer in order to finish my studies and I am planning to stay around even longer after that. It’s not the first time I’ve moved around the world to study: I’ve been to Minnesota in the States, Malta and the Netherlands. The first time I studied here, I fell in love with this country and decided to come back eventually. And now, here I am, full of good energy to spread around in the beautiful city of Utrecht where I recently started this new and exciting adventure at Rocycle.

5 facts people might not know about you

#1. I came to the Netherlands to study for a master’s in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. Before I came here, I studied Philosophy at the University of Turin.

#2. During my Erasmus+ program in 2016, I lived in Amsterdam for six months in a small apartment on de Boelelaan. Throughout my instructor training, I have loved visiting the Zuidas studio in my old neighbourhood.

#3. Back in Italy I used to do acrobatics, and, yes, every time I see a trampoline or an air mattress, I am like a child and can’t stop jumping on it.

#4. I had only tried spinning once before starting the training to become a Rocycle instructor. With commitment and dedication, you can attain any goal you set for yourself.

#5. I like to watch anime, Japanese animated series or movies, in Japanese with subtitles. I just love to listen to the Japanese language, and I always try to learn some words. 

If you weren’t a Rocycle instructor, what would you do?

It’s kind of hard for me to say where I would be because I’m always learning and on the lookout for new opportunities. I love to gather experiences of all kinds. To be a bit more concrete, I could say that I like to convey messages, to teach and to be in contact with people. So you’d likely find me in that field in some way.

Why should people come to your class?

I try to make each class special; it doesn’t matter whether it is morning or evening, Monday or Saturday. I try to tune into the moment to see what my riders may need at that time in terms of motivation and workout and give it to them. I would say that my workout is quite tough; however I try to keep it fun. Everything just becomes easier if you make it fun ;).

What’s your guilty pleasure song?

Push it! – Remix by Lotus, SPYZR and Salt-N-Pepa

What’s the best Rocycle advice you’ve been given?

So often we let our fears stop us. If we give ourselves the chance to experience what we think is scary, we would be amazed by the incredible strength and power we’d find within us.

Who was your childhood hero?

Spiderman, definitely. He could solve any problem without forgetting to have fun.

Which 3 words describe your post-Ro’ride feeling?


Words to live by…?

What matters is not the length of life but the depth. Don’t overthink the future, and try to focus on what you can do now. Or at least this is what I try to do.

All-time favourite Rocycle song?

Here comes the sun – Francois K. Remix.

What is your favorite ride of the week?

Even if it’s hard to admit and sometimes hard to be ready and full of energy at that time, I love Monday mornings, particularly the 7.00 and 8.00 A.M. classes. When I started at Rocycle, I was teaching a lot of them, and I loved to see the same people showing up on that bike to start the week with the best energy ever.

What does happiness mean to you?

This is a tough one. Let me grab the dictionary… No, I’m kidding! I personally don’t believe you can find a definition for it. But if you ask me to put it in words, I like these ones: happiness is not having what you desire; it is desiring what you have.

What has been the most memorable moment of your Ro’career so far?

I am always looking forward to seeing my riders on the bike and sharing some fun with them. They are the ones who make the most memorable moments for me at Rocycle. Every time I see them smiling while hitting the first pyramid or really pushing their best during the climb, I know I am making a good memory. 

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