Instructor spotlight: Babette

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At Rocycle we’re all about Mind Body Music, but, just as important is the fact that we’re a family. So, to make sure each class is not just a party but a reunion, we’d like to introduce our instructors so you know a little bit more about them than their signature moves on the bike. We got the opportunity to learn about Babette’s love of ‘Grit’ and how she firmly believes that there is only one you in this big world!

Hi Babette! We’re thrilled to get to Ro’ you a bit better and share your story. Could you please introduce yourself?

Yes, of course! I’m the ginger at Rocycle that’s actually a little shy, but I come out of my shell to share my favourite workout with joy and encouragement. I’m still a student in psychology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, a cat and dog lover, live by myself, a bit clumsy, single lady (Beyoncé fan), been around for 27 springs, became a vegetarian 3 months ago and loooooves food (who doesn’t, really?). I’m from a small town near the sea, but I’ve been in Amsterdam for 4 years now.

Instructor spotlight: Babette

So you’ve been here for four years, but you’ve only been in the Rocycle family a short time. What brought you to us?

I have a passion for moving, dancing and music; I’m trained as a professional dancer but stopped dancing a while ago. Being active every day is something that I’ve found to be really important to me. And when I saw the big Rocycle signs around the corner from my home, I looked it up on the internet – a party on a bike! No lies, it brought me the perfect workout that combined sweating it out and dancing to great music.

We couldn’t put it better ourselves. Even though we agree it’s the perfect workout, what else do you do to stay fit?

While Rocycle is my main workout, I also love ‘Grit,’ which is a 30 minute high-intensity-training that they teach in certain gyms. I used to do some running and BBG, but for now, with everything I’ve got going on, I mostly teach and try to take some classes with other Ro'structors sometimes.

And if you’re not teaching, whose classes do you like to do?

Vita’s classes are actually my favorite because I love her music choice.

She certainly knows how to boogie. And how do you give energy to your class and set it apart?

I try to be about positive reinforcement and encouragement and put the focus on how you feel during and after Rocycling instead of how you might want to look. I believe sweating and hard work will always lift your mood and give that feeling of satisfaction whether you’re ‘bikini ready ‘or not. We are all bikini ready. There are 7 billion people in this world, but there’s only one you, and we should love our own unique qualities and achievements.

Hear, hear! And, finally, what does Rocycle mean to you?

To me, Rocycle is happiness. It’s my happy place and favourite moment of the day. It can lighten my mood anytime or even give my already happy day an extra burst of great energy, even though you give it your all and exhaust yourself completely. I really want to share those moments with all of the riders – plus it’s just major fun, and it’s like you’re in the club half the time but burning calories life crazy and getting high on endorphins.

‘That workout was a bad idea – said no one, ever.’