Instructor of the month: Alex

Words byHayley Hayley

Something about myself:

I’m 42 years old and born and raised in Amsterdam. I now live in Amsterdam Noord with my husband and 3 kids (14, 13 and 12 years old). I am passionate about fitness and weight training and used that passion to change careers, becoming a Rocycle in November of 2018 after ten years as a flight attendant. 

5 facts people don’t know about me:

I used to weigh close to a 100 kilos before falling in love with fitness.

My dad was born in Venezuela, and my mom is half Surinamese and half Dutch. So I’m all mixed up! 

I just got my driver’s license this year….what can I say? I love riding my bike!

I am terrified of frogs and toads. I’m fine with spiders and snakes, but frogs really freak me out!

I always start my day with coffee. Hello, my name is Alex, and i am a coffee addict. 

If you weren’t a Rocycle instructor, what would you be?

A world famous singer!!! Too bad that I have a terrible singing voice. So maybe in my next life.

Why should people choose your classes?

During my class, we aim to become the best version of ourselves! Mind, body and soul, all together. And, of course, it’s about having a good time on that bike without comparing or competing. 45 minutes just for you! 

My guilty pleasure song:

I love Manu Chao’s Me Gustas Tu. Dancing and singing to this song on a rainy day immediately brings back memories of those hot summer days.

Best Ro’advice:

You are so much stronger than you think! I tell myself this all the time, not only in the gym or on that bike but also in life. You can handle whatever life has in store for you.

My childhood hero:

My mom was and still is my hero. I was raised by my mom alone, and she did an amazing job as a single parent with a full-time job. She made sure that my brother and I had a wonderful childhood with lots of love, chances and opportunities. So thank you so much, mom!

3 words to describe my post-Ro’feeling:




Words to live by:

It all starts with self-love…

All-time favourite Ro’song:

I loved the way Rowen would end her ride with Messiah (Dirty South Remix). Closing my eyes, sprinting like crazy. High energy and power for the rest of the day.

My favourite ride of the week:

I really like every moment I get to ride that bike. In the morning I love getting that high energy to use throughout that new day, and in the evening, I love getting a chance to release some stress and prepare for a goodnight’s rest. So any time is a good time to get on that bike!

Happiness to me is:

Happiness is so hard to explain. But for me it’s having an open mind, open heart and open arms for the people and world around you. 

The most memorable moment in my Ro’career so far:

I love every single ride!!!  If it’s just with a few riders or with a full class, I love it all. But if I had to name one ride, it would be the one on December 31st. You could feel the energy and excitement of New Year’s Eve, even at the 8 A.M. ride!!! 

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