How to sneak in beauty sleep: mastering the 15-minute nap

Words byRocycle Rocycle

Are you constantly hitting your snooze button? Do you find your eyelids creeping slowly downward at 3:00pm? It’s so easy to feel as if there just isn’t enough time in the day – or at night – to get the rest we need, but ample sleep is essential for feeling good and looking good. Nobody likes dark circles, are we right?

Because many of us don’t sleep enough at night (not to mention the fact that it is often poor quality sleep because of things like the blue light from our devices and eating too near to bed time) we enter the day already at a deficit. While this sounds scary, there’s no need to panic. Something as simple as scheduling a 15-minute nap into your day can make an immense difference, helping you to be a well-rested, well-functioning adult.

Because what does being properly rested mean? Better memory. Better mood. Clearer skin. We can certainly get on board with that! Read on for our 4 tips for mastering the power nap.

Set the mood

So most of us aren’t lucky enough to work from home where we can answer the siren call of our cloud-like beds. But this doesn’t mean we can’t create a cosy atmosphere that is more conducive to getting a bit of shut-eye. Invest in an Ostrich pillow or at least dim the lights and slip on an eye mask. This ensures your 15 minutes are restful.

Set an alarm

While we’d love to drift off deep into our REM cycle, that’s not a feasible luxury. Make sure you set an alarm that will gently bring you back from dreamland. If you have a bit more time, another good trick is to hold your keys in your hand. Once they drop to the floor, it means you’ve had a sufficiently restful nap.

Turn your nap into a ritual

Since you’re taking this short time for yourself, make it special. Light your favourite scented candle, pop some Chopin or Coldplay on your iPod and enjoy.

Take it easy

Finding it hard to fall asleep? Don’t stress! This is more about giving yourself time to unwind and relax. Whilst a full-blown nap is ideal, taking any sort of break is helpful. Go for a peaceful stroll, do some breathing exercises. Just do something for you.