How Rolive came to life.

Words byRogier Rogier

I would like to share my thoughts on Rolive with you and tell you a bit more about how the project came to life.

Rocycle’s main aim is to inspire, challenge and entertain our community. At the moment, a large part of our community is made up of riders who live in cities with Rocycle studios, but there are many others who’d love to ride with us but have no access to our studios (and possibly never will). That’s why we created Rolive. We wanted to become both more expansive and inclusive, opening up the world of Rocycle to everyone who wants to be a part of it. Rolive brings a mix of Rocycle, Rostrong and Royoga classes to our community, online. It’s a total mind, body and music experience that you can enjoy every day, everywhere.

Three weeks ago, we got to work on bringing our vision to life. Just as we’ve done with Rocycle, we turned our attention to five important things with Rolive:  

  • Create superior value
  • Deliver an inimitable experience
  • Offer top-notch service
  • Do all of this at a fair and competitive price
  • Develop a long-term, sustainable business that makes our investors happy

We sat down with our entire team and crafted a plan to launch Rolive while our studios are closed, making the most out of the current difficult situation. It’s like Darwin said: is not the strongest species that survive but the most adaptable. 

Time and money were two hurdles we had to overcome in the successful launch of this project. With funds limited as a result of Corona crisis circumstances, we still managed to bring our idea to fruition in just three short weeks. Despite the challenges, we had one constant that gave us confidence – the incredible people that make up our team. 

Last week our teams produced over 100 Rocycle, Royoga and Rostrong workouts, as well as all the promotional photography and video content. They went above and beyond to create a superb, high-quality platform that creates value for our customers. I am beyond proud of our people, especially considering their lack of experience in launching such a complex, innovative project. We gave them a challenge and empowered them, and they made it work. God bless the Millennials. 

Last week we soft launched the project. For just €8,99 a month, you get unlimited access to over 100 online classes, with an additional batch of 100 fresh classes coming in the next month. Plus, we give you access to a live stream from one of the Rocycle studios, giving you the opportunity to tune in everywhere, any time to ‘the party on a bike from Amsterdam’. I am confident in saying that this ticks every box we set out to tick – superior value at a competitive price with strong support from our shareholders and their belief in the long-term business potential that lies ahead.

But wait a minute. What is Rocycle without a bike, you ask? With limited time and most international borders closed we decided to quickly move forward with our studio bikes supplier. We were able to get a hold of an initial batch of 60 brand new Stages bikes. 

Ro’riders can either buy our studio bike for €2.399 or commit to a 3-year lease at €49,99 a month. Although we explored offering an alternative, more short-term lease, it’s not something we can offer at the moment. The good news? Rolive works with any spin bike, not just our super sleek Stages version.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to our team for the incredible work they have done once again. Without them, we would not have all the joy we share at Rocycle.

I hope you enjoy Rolive, and if there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take care,