Hey, you-trecht!

Words byHayley Hayley

OMG! Can you believe it? It’s finally happening! After a long, long wait (which has felt like centuries to some of us), Rocycle Utrecht is opening its doors on March 18th. Can we get a hell yeah?!

We hope you’re as excited as we are that our little family of studios is expanding, slowly but surely, so that we can better serve all of you. And closer to home, no less. So, in anticipation of these last few days before the big day, we spoke to some of the brand new Rocycle instructors who will be sweating it out and tapping it back at our Utrecht studio about why they love their city and why you should check out their classes.

Why do you love Utrecht?

Alicia: I love Utrecht because it has everything you could ever want in a small, walkable city, yet it still maintains that friendly village vibe where the neighbours say hello, the guys in the coffee shop already know what you want and a gentler pace of life is the order of the day.

Anouk: I love Utrecht because of the lovely canals and the cute city centre. I have been living her for a little over four years now and fell in love with the people and all the nice restaurants.

Robin: Utrecht is the perfect combination of a friendly town and a big city. It’s small enough to bike everywhere, but it’s big enough not to bump into people you know. It’s full of students, which makes it vibrant and energetic every day of the week!

Lauren: Utrecht is a city that keeps surprising me. Whenever I feel like I’m getting to know the city, I learn something new about it or find a new café or hidden spot in a park. And at night, I’m in my happy place when I walk along the Oudegracht and see the gezelligheid in the cafes and bars…with the Dom lighting the way.

Julie: For me, Utrecht is filled with good memories, my family and the love of my life. After living here during my studies, I moved to Amsterdam. But because of love, I came back, and I still don’t have any regrets. Utrecht definitely feels like home!

Jana: I love the young, open and vibrant vibe of the city. I love that Utrecht is full of internationals that are eager to try out new things. I just moved to Utrecht last May, but I already feel at home here because it is such a cosy city. It is small enough to get anywhere in 30 minutes but still has so much to offer. For me, it has the perfect location in the Netherlands, as it is almost right in the middle, so a day trip to any city is easy. Utrecht is close enough to enjoy Amsterdam but far enough away from all the tourists.

Rolf: Well Utrecht is a nice city, but I wouldn’t say I love it. My heart lies in Amsterdam. I’m living in Hilversum close to Utrecht and travel through the beautifully renewed Utrecht Central Station often. I also often go for really nice dinners in the beautiful centre of Utrecht.

Giulio: I love this city because it seems like a little pearl. You can easily see it all on foot, and the centre is so quiet with very few cars, which makes me calm. But when you want to have fun, the city offers you plenty of opportunities to do so. The most magical place would be the Oudegracht on a sunny day, where you can just walk next to the canal, and all your worries fade away.

Lidia: I moved to Utrecht on the 28th of August, 2018 because I started my master’s in Neuroscience and Cognition at Utrecht University. I love the city, especially when it’s sunny and you can just relax in the park or by the canals. Having bike roads everywhere is also amazing. But the most important reason is the people that I’ve met so far and who confirmed, once again, that you attract people with the same energy as your own.

Why should we check out the new studio and your amazing class?

Anouk: My classes are all about energy and feel-good music. You will be certain to walk out of my class with a big smile on your face and a pumped feeling to rock the rest of the day.

Julie: I’m a sucker for good tech-house, up-tempo vibes and crazy techno beats. When you come to my class, be ready for a lot of energy, techno and sweat! We’re gonna push ourselves through and past those boundaries and limits and reach the freaking sky! I also want to give you a message during my class: to find that inner strength and believe in your own power. We’re gonna release that within you! Rely on your qualities. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. The world is yours!

Giulio: Energetic, fun and tough: these are the three words that best describe my vibes, all dressed up with some Italian passion. Come if you want to be surprised by your own capabilities. Together we will push through our limits and find an amazing strength within us.

Robin: The vibe in my classes is fun and full of energy. My songs are recognisable but unpredictable; one day you ride to Queen and Eminem, and the next day you ride to De Jegd Van Tegenwoordig and Kendrick Lamar. But if you love your classics, the tunes will never disappoint. In my classes it’s all about YOU. You ride to focus on yourself and your needs. Whether you need an energy kick or a moment to focus on yourself, you can do it in my class. Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

Jana: Everyone who is a music lover should absolutely join my classes! Get ready for some house, funk, rock dancehall and much more. Each song I choose has the ability to pick you up, surround you, carry you, lift you up… whatever you need in that moment, my beats have you covered. Come as you are – everyone is welcome in my class whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider. Come and enjoy! My classes are always filled with lots of power, positive vibes and energy, and of course there is always time for a smile. In my classes we all ride together; there is no judgment or competition. I will provide you with the fun, spirit and challenge that you need to grow, step by step. We are all faced with lots of different challenges in our lives every day; in my classes, we leave all that outside the door and just focus on the positive things. I believe that every person has so much potential, and in my class, we will aim to get you there. 

Lidia: My class vibes….hmmm…. I would say that it is a mix between funky, electronic and techno beats, and each song has its own energetic vibes. I come from a city surrounded by mountains (Brasov, Romania, or Transylvania where Dracula’s castle is), where I used to ride my bike on high roads, doing 100 km rides sometimes. So I just love riding, and I want people to see my passion for cycling and build the same passion within themselves. If they follow the music, I will guide them with all my heart through their Rocycle journey.

Rolf: Well I love a good party, especially throwing them! That’s how you could describe my class vibes. No matter if it’s the early start of the day or after a long day of work, my energetic music, enthusiasm and energy will transform your ride into a party that you don’t want to leave when the lights go on at the end of class!

Lauren: I like to think of my class as an adventure – a journey. Throughout this journey there are fun and light moments where we jam it up, and there are also obstacles that challenge us to overcome them. And in the end, it’s about connecting with a side of ourselves that we rarely get to see – a strength that we didn’t know we had.

Alicia: My class vibes are all about having the most amount of fun during the time you’re in the saddle! Sure, you work hard, but I make a point of playing hard too ☺. You should join my class if you want to feel free and alive: smiling, laughing, throwing shapes to the music and singing out loud to the tracks you know!