Words byHayley Hayley

There are a lot of amazing things you can say about Rocycle – and there are a lot of amazing things we can say about you, rider – but one of the most important things about us, what really sets us apart is that at our core, we believe a workout should help you build a strong spirit. There are innumerable other wonderful side effects of a Ro’ride, but the most essential to us is our ability to foster and enhance your incredibly strong spirits. We want you to get fired up!

Everyone is driven by different things, but what matters is everyone is driven. We spoke to some of our fabulous instructors and most dedicated riders to find out what gets them fired up.

So, tell us, guys. What lights your fire?!

Babette: Well, this is not a tough one…can I say Rocycle? Or is this too cheesy? Haha! Because literally nothing gets me more fired up than teaching or taking a class from one of my colleagues! In class you feel your body lighting up, and I always leave with high energy and happy vibes.

Luuk: For me getting fired up means finding the fire from the inside. Find that thing that makes your heart beat faster, that’s giving you the gut feeling that it’s right, that makes you want to conquer mountains. It could be anything or anyone. If you find that, and if you feel that power coming from the inside, the rest will follow!

Hayley Daen: Peeling myself out of bed – even before the sun has risen – and doing what I need to do no matter how strong the grips of lethargy gets me fired up. After 45 minutes in the studio while the rest of the city sleeps, I am ready to tackle anything.

Sofie Bennekers: people with ambition motivate me to improve every day. Getting inspired by art, pictures and books and coming up with great, creative ideas gets me fired up. And let’s not forget things like the first sunny day of the year and seeing those I love happy.

Dennis: What gets me fired up is a really good song with beats I can dance to! It works when you wake up, when you’re riding your bike or when you dance the night away!

Carolien Karthaus-Spoor: With the first spring days and lovely temperatures, I’m getting extra motivated for the classes. It gives me the perfect last push to get me fired up!

Emma Moloney: Sunshine, my first coffee of the morning, clicking my shoes into the bike for a class at Rocycle, the All Black’s Haka and the plane taking off on holiday!

Ali Gaugler: What gets me fired up is surrounding myself with people who believe in progress. Who don’t settle for good enough. Who are not afraid to fail during the consistent push forward. Rocycle embodies these principles. Rogier’s ambition. Rowen’s intensity. Jeff’s spirit. This is what gets me fired up.

Jeff: Here’s what gets me fired up: a morning window of sunshine, a brisk morning run, festival season in Amsterdam, camping in a tent surrounded by nature, and smartphone-free dinner parties.

Donna: Proper music with a good beat combined with a great crowd gets me fired up!

So, what get’s you fired up? Share your story, we would love to hear from you. Send Sofie an email sofie@rocyclestudios.com