Fresh faces, fresh perspectives

Words byHayley Hayley

Though we can barely believe it, somehow we keep growing and expanding. From one precious studio back in 2016 to being on the verge of throwing open the doors at our fifth studio, we’ve really come a long way. And with this growth, it only makes sense that our amazing team would evolve, that we’d bring new, incredible instructors into the fold. How else are we supposed to keep you sweaty and out of breath in all those studios?!

That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to three of our brand new instructors: Floor, Babette and Jeremy. And because it’s always more fun when it feels like a family, we wanted you to get to know them a little bit better. Ready to meet them? Well keep reading!

How did you come to Rocycle?

Floor: One of my besties tried Rocycle once; she was so excited about it and found out it was probably a perfect ride for me. A girls’ day out was planned! And yes, of course, she knows me well and knows I love to teach cycle classes, so it only made sense I should try this amazing workout. After the Ro’ride, I was so happy and had a conversation with the instructor who had inspired me during those 45 minutes. She told me to audition to become an instructor, and, as you might have guessed, I did! And now, here I am!

Jeremy: I came to Rocycle by myself. I was 18 at the time and was searching for a new workout studio. I saw some videos on Instagram, and I fell in love. It was an addiction for me. And look at me now; I’m an instructor!

Can you tell us what the instructor training was like?

Floor: The training was intense, but it was an amazing experience learning everything in the studio and getting to know who I am as an instructor. I’ve learned so many new skills even though I had already been an instructor for 12 years; when I began the Rocycle training, I felt like a beginner. During the training, the master trainers want you to become the best version of yourself. You need to work for it, but with the energy and experience of the master trainers, I was able to grow to where I am now! Now, I feel the studio, filling it with love and power and enjoy every moment in that room!

Babette: It was heavy! Very professional, and I learned so much from it. Our training group really supported each other. We laughed, we cried and we worked so hard!

Jeremy: The training was so fun but also very hard. Most people think being an instructor is easy and always fun. But being an instructor is also hard. I found myself during training, what can otherwise be a long journey in life. I found my soul, my heart and also my community. I cried and laughed during training. I made friends for life during training, and I got some new mothers as well ☺.

Are you nervous to join the team?

Jeremy: Actually, I am. You wouldn’t see it in my face or during class, but I’m nervous all the time. It’s a new job and a new journey. And there are plenty of doors open in this company for me. I love the team, from the cleaners to the office people. We are one.

Babette: No, not at all. I’m very excited!

Floor: Actually, I’m super excited. It’s an amazing team with amazing people who give you so much love and peace. It feels like a family already; everybody helps you whenever you need it. Only positive vibes!

What will set your classes apart?

Floor: My motto in life is ‘by doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.’ With this in mind, I want to be sure that all of my riders feel this at the end of class. Feel the music. A moment in the studio is a moment for yourself! Everyone should feel happy, that they achieved their goals and ready for a new challenge. Sweaty, satisfied and ready to sparkle and leave the studio full of energy.

Babette: In my classes, I become the music and pass it on to all the people in the room!

Jeremy: It’s always a surprise. It’s about a journey that we take together. I want to connect with my riders through music and feeling our emotions in that moment. Sometimes you struggle during class or life, but that’s good. I want to create a safe and fun ride that’s 45 minutes long.

And one last question. What does Rocycle mean to you?

Babette: It means so much to me. It makes me happier, and I just can’t wait to show my passion for it with all riders!

Jeremy: Rocycle means family and acceptance to me. I love my work and my classes. I see so many different people, from darker people to lighter people and all genders and love types. Rocycle is a second home for me where I can be my true self.

Floor: It’s more than “just” a workout. It’s an experience, a new and killer cycling workout that brings you to the next level with great music, power moves, an amazing atmosphere (partially thanks to the candles!) and a great vibe. It’s an experience for yourself! Mind-set, happiness and strength are your goals! Don’t be afraid to dream, to challenge yourself. If you really want something, you can do it!