Fresh faces, fresh perspectives: Arjun, Palina and Amina

Words byHayley Hayley

Though we can barely believe it, somehow we keep growing and expanding. From one precious studio back in 2016 to having just thrown open the doors at our fifth studio today, we’ve really come a long way. And with this growth, it only makes sense that our amazing team would evolve, that we’d bring new, incredible instructors into the fold. How else are we supposed to keep you sweaty and out of breath in all those studios?!

That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to three of our brand new instructors: Arjun, Palina and Amina. And because it’s always more fun when it feels like a family, we wanted you to get to know them a little bit better. Ready to meet them? Well keep reading!

How did you come to Rocycle?

Arjun: I came to Amsterdam to further my studies in sports management and business at the HVA. I had already been a spinning instructor in Malaysia for Aloha Cycle Club and naturally wanted to continue with that passion. There was no better place than Rocycle. I managed to get in contact with the team through Chantal, and, of course, Rocycle has a very large following on social media.

Palina: So, I booked a class at Rocycle about a month ago. I was amazed by this beautiful studio, but the rider community got me: so kind, friendly and warm. I had a feeling that I belonged here.

Amina: I came to Rocycle because I was on vacation in Amsterdam from NYC and needed to get my cardio fix. I did a Google search, took a class and got hooked!

Can you tell us a bit about what instructor training was like?

Palina: The instructor training was pretty intense physically. But mentally, it was a great spiritual journey. Today, I am not the same person I was before I began, and I’ve only just started. I’m growing every day, and I can’t wait to share this with all my riders.

Amina: Instructor training was REAL! You’re sore and hungry 24/7, and it feels great!

Arjun: The training was very straightforward with the ultimate goal made achievable by our mentors, Joey and Babette. The feedback was always very positive, only ever made with the intention of improving the executions and quality of the instructors.

Are you nervous to join the team?

Amina: I’m nervous to join the team because all the instructors are so good, but I feel super at home at Rocycle.

Arjun: Yes, of course, but I am also very excited to join the team, as it seems to have good harmony. Everyone has a common passion, spinning.

Palina: I was nervous because I have high expectations of myself. I was an instructor in Berlin and Hamburg for similar workouts, and the level of instructors at Rocycle is super high. But I have this willpower, and I believe in myself. There were people around me who pushed me to give my very best, and I trusted in the process. Now I’m looking forward to begin teaching classes.

What will set your classes apart?

Arjun: I think I am very direct, and I will give the people what they want: a good 45-minute workout. I also enjoy a range of music genres, which allows me to connect with the riders a lot more in addition to having the ability to spread positive energy. I’ve lived halfway across the world and therefore may share different cultures with the community.

Amina: I think my American accent will set me apart lol, and I’m a DJ/Producer, so I have pretty good taste in music.

And our final question: what does Rocycle mean to you?

Palina: Rocycle is a place where everybody is welcome. It’s a place where you can always be yourself, where you can be open from the first ride and let everything go. It’s a place where you achieve mental freedom and happiness during a 45-minute workout. It’s a place where you design your body to your favourite tracks, and that means lots of serotonin (and adrenalin). It can be your spiritual journey, your meditation, your way to process. It’s definitely a place where you are never alone. It’s a community. It’s a family.

Amina: Rocycle means staying on FIRE FOR MY LIFE!!! It means community and showing up as our best selves and, of course, having way too much fun on a bike (if that’s possible).

Arjun: For me, Rocycle is a platform where people not only get to physically exert and test themselves but also to enjoy the other aspects of wellbeing. They get to socialise with other riders and instructors and are part of a very joyful environment.