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If you’ve been following along on social media or on our website, you probably know that we’re taking time for ourselves to stay happy & healthy until we can get back on the bike. While we really can’t wait until the government gives us the green light to get back on the bike, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and dedicate ourselves to feeling good – whether we’re in the studio or not. 

Feeling Good starts within. Sure, exercise, maintaining friendships and finding activities that bring us joy are incredibly important, but we’ve also got to pay attention to what we’re putting into our bodies. We sat down with health heroes, The Soulsister, to find out how to energise and elevate our moods, naturally. Here’s what they had to say!

Whew! What a crazy time we’re living in. How do you think COVID and all its lockdowns, curfews and regulations has affected people?

One of the biggest sources of happiness and energy is sharing and connecting with each other. The exchanges we have in life are what keeps us flowing. Loneliness can cause of lot disharmony in our whole being, mentally and also physically. At the same time, it is a beautiful period to really reconnect with what we truly value in life, what really matters and what we are really doing here together. The system we are living in is clearly not sustainable, so we’re questioning what we can do differently, especially when it comes to ourselves.

At a time when our health is being challenged (on all fronts) and data is being shared continuously about the (negative) effects of COVID, we find it striking to see that no information is shared about the possibility of improving our immune systems. Now is the time to educate people about a healthy lifestyle!

We couldn’t agree more. We can certainly do things to strengthen our bodies in case of crisis. On that note, would you say our bodies and minds connected? Do low mood levels create low energy in the body?

Definitely. Everything is (inter)connected. This is why we have to create harmony inside us. When we move our body – training, walking, dancing – we also bring movement to our thoughts and our minds. Our heart rate changes immediately when we focus on our heart. Positive feelings like love and appreciation improve our heart rate. The activity of the sympathetic nerve, which accelerates the heart rate and stimulates the release of stress hormones, slows. And the power of the parasympathetic nerve, which slows down the heart rate, actually increases, making the whole body relax. This keeps the hormone system in balance. 

While positive feelings put the body in good shape, negative emotions can make you sick. They stimulate the level of stress hormones (cortisol), making them rise. The consequences: brain cells suffer damage, bone density decreases, fat is stored more easily and the heart rate becomes unbalanced. 

Oh wow. So we really need to give attention to both body and mind. What does stress do to the body? How about the mind?

Stress is perceived as immediate danger by the body. In response, the stress hormone cortisol causes a number of changes in metabolism to ensure that enough energy is available. This is especially notable in the the brain (making the right decision), the heart (more circulation of oxygen) and the muscles (flight or fight). 

We can handle acute stress (danger, cold, hunger and thirst) very well, while chronic stress (mortgages, work, relationships) leads to cortisol insensitivity. This causes an imbalance in our whole hormonal system, which can result in depression, energy shortage and sleep issues.

So, in short, chronic stress is terrible for the body, right? What has been helpful for you guys to stay energised and motivated?

Fortunately, we could continue doing business during lockdown, which is a great source of energy because we still see our customers and colleagues. We have a store full of immune- and mood-boosters, so we practice what we preach. Nano Silver, Magnesium and Ashwagandha are our own favourites. Apart from that, we try to focus on possibilities and stay away from fear. And yes, that can be a challenge sometimes. Meanwhile we move and train outside, do yoga at home and spend more time in nature.

We’ve been doing a bit of the same. It’s keeping us sane! What supplements are good for boosting energy levels?

B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc and Q10 are important nutrients that the body needs for energy production. Products like matcha, cacao and guarana can further stimulate this system. 

We know what we’re adding to our carts next time we’re in the shop! Is there anything else that’s good to boost the mood and energy? Exercise? A specific way of eating?

To reduce stress levels and create more focus, yoga and meditation are really helpful. To boost energy and endorphins, short, high intensity workouts (60 minutes max) will do the trick. Eat more plants and reduce your carb intake in favour of healthy fats. This helps you avoid blood sugar fluctuations and keeps your energy level stable during the day. Keep your protein intake steady, especially in times when you cannot train or move as much as you used to do.

Good to know. People were so afraid of fat for so long, but it’s actually essential for staying healthy. What is the benefit of natural supplements over non-natural ones?

Natural supplements contain more additional substances with which the nutrient occurs in nature. This synergy ensures that natural forms are better recognised and absorbed by the body. Often, synthetic formulas also contain all kinds of synthetic additives that can have an adverse effect on your health. 

As with most things, it seems like natural is best. What has been the most-purchased product during COVID?

Our liquid natural vitamin D supplements, often in combination with Zinc and Nano Silver-formulas.

You can never get enough vitamin D! How would you describe Soulsister’s ethos?

Choose love over fear (because fear is never a helpful guide.)It is our mission to empower people by educating them about a healthy lifestyle and giving them advice on how to optimise their mental and physical wellbeing with our products.

And you’re doing such an incredible job of that already. Ok, just one more. Give us one last piece of advice for being healthy, happy and energised?

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.