Fake it 'til you make it

Words byHayley Hayley

Not a morning person? You’re in good company. If you are immediately sent into fight or flight mode when that jarring iPhone alarm goes off rather than rising bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before your sunrise alarm even gently twinkles for you to get up, you’re not alone. You are firmly part of team Grumpy in the Morning.

But just because you’ve been a part of this team for decades doesn’t mean you can’t fool everyone into thinking you really are a morning person. Wondering how? We’ve got you covered. Here are our absolute best hacks for faking it as a morning person. And don’t worry. We promise we’ll keep the secret.

#1. Do some prep work.

If you take a little extra time before you go to bed, it will save you time once you wake up, meaning you can wake up a little bit later. Lay out everything you need for tomorrow before you hit the hay. And we mean everything. Clothes, makeup, toothbrush, as much of our breakfast as possible and your workout gear for your after-work Ro’ride.

#2. Tuck in early.

You know what they say: early to bed, early to rise. And while it may initially not feel like it’s making you healthy, wealthy and wise, setting yourself an earlier bedtime will be one of the best things you can do to make mornings a bit easier. Pay attention to your afternoon caffeine intake, as one too many coffees in the PM will keep you up later than you’d like.

#3. Ditch the snooze. It’s terribly tempting to hit that snooze button and grab an extra 7 minutes of shut-eye, but it won’t make you feel more rested, and it’ll make you more rushed. Instead, start getting yourself ready right away. Hop out of bed and wash your face or slip into the shower to wake you up. It helps to have a significant other who wakes up a tiny bit later than you so they ensure you’re up and out of bed on time.

#4. Schedule schedule schedule.

Set your coffee machine to brew a pot at the time your alarm goes off. Schedule your heaters to increase the temperature of your room half an hour before your alarm will sound so that it’ll be too warm to sleep soundly and the perfect temp when you shimmy out of bed. Turn your slow cooker on overnight to finish perfectly cooking your oatmeal at the time you want to get up. Little scheduling tips will make getting up that much easier.

#5. Save the social.

We all do it. Check our emails, Instagrams and texts as soon as we wake up. But smartphones are actually often time suckers. And as part of team Grumpy in the Morning, the morning is actually when you need most time. Unless there’s something urgent you know you need to check for work or a family emergency, stay off your phone while you’re getting ready. You can save Insta-scrolling for a treat as you ride the tram to the office or to enjoy with your morning matcha latte at your desk.