Cool To Be Kind.

Words byHayley Hayley

If you’ve been in the studio and had a look around (some of you almost spend more time there than in your own living rooms, so we’re guessing you have) then you might have noticed our Ro’rules hanging proudly on the walls. Sure, we ask you to turn off your cell phones during class and encourage you all to stay the full 45 minutes, and those are definitely important rules. But there’s really one rule to rule them all: throw kindness around like confetti.

And this year, just like every year, we’re incredibly excited for November 13th to roll around because it just so happens to be World Kindness Day. And is there really a better day than that?

So although we think that every day should really be World Kindness Day, we’ll take Wednesday to really focus on what’s important in life: being kind to those around us. Because kindness really is contagious. One small, simple act of kindness will create a knock-on effect. Just think of it like dominos or that movie Pay It Forward.

Now are you ready to spread the love? Here are a few wonderful, simple acts of kindness to help make the world a better, brighter place.

#1. Compliment your neighbour in the studio on their cool leggings.

#2. Treat your BFF to a Ro’ride.

#3. Send a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while. It will brighten their day!

#4. Register as an organ donor.

#5. Pick up trash you see in the street. It’s kind to show your city and community some love too.

#6. Dedicate 24 hours to spreading positivity on social media.

#7. Write a positive online review of a business you like. Every little helps.

#8. When people are gossiping about someone, be the person who chimes in with something nice about them.

#9. Donate clothing or household items to charity!

#10. Give someone the benefit of the doubt.

#11. Pay for the smoothie or juice of the person behind you in line.

#12. Take a friend who’s going through a hard time to dinner.

#13. Loan money to a third world entrepreneur through Kiva.

#14. Hold the door.

#15. Smile when you pass people on your bike in the streets.