Be young, be dope, be proud

Words byHayley Hayley

Though Lana del Rey sang it beautifully, we’d like to amend her lyrics to ‘be you, be dope, be proud,’ as we truly love everyone. No matter your age, your gender, your sexual orientation, your colour, your nationality, your religion, your political views, your height, your weight. We love all of you. We are proud of all of you.

And speaking of Pride, do you already know how you’re celebrating this glorious day this year? After all, it’s a day to be surrounded by those you love and who love you, so we hope you have plans! If you’re still deciding, we would love nothing more than to see you in the studio for a P’ride. What better way to celebrate?

Looking for inspiration? Here’s what our instructors are up to.

Dennis: You’ll probably see me partying somewhere in the city in a colourful outfit with some glitter on my face. I always like to watch the canal parade and then party like there’s no tomorrow!!!

Luuk: I will be giving two fabulous Pride Rides. Who’s joining? It’s gonna be a class full of love! Saturday, I’ll be watching the parade, and in the evening, I’ll shake my booty at a party with friends J.

Jeff: I’ll be celebrating this year’s Pride with a group of my favourites along the canals: my boyfriend, his friends and my friends! The city radiates with love on this day – it’s simply magical!

Tiela: I am the type of person who goes with the flow, sees where the day takes me. However, I will follow the parade in Amsterdam…dance, drink and remember why am able to be a proud openly gay man.

And here are some of our favourite pride parties.

#1. All These Colors – Gaypride After – Amstelhaven
Still going strong after the canal parade? Hop off the boat and hop on to Amstelhaven for a all night pride party at the canals.

#2. Pride is burning – Marktkantine
If you are in for some heavy partying, you must visit the marktkantine of course.

#3. Our love – amstelveld
The Amsterdam locals all know Amstelveld right?!

So tell us! What are your plans this Pride?