HQ Heroes: Amy

HQ Heroes: Amy

By now, all of you probably know each and every one of our instructors better than your own colleagues (or families, even!). You spend time sweating it out together on the bike. You connect on our social channels – and theirs. And you get to know their favourite tunes on Spotify.

But Rocycle is actually so much more than our instructors alone. We have an incredible team working behind the scenes to make our Ro’fam as wonderful, inspiring and inclusive as it is. And they do so pretty invisibly.

Though we’re heartily impressed by just how seamlessly they do their jobs, we decided it’s time to shine the spotlight on our HQ team. We’re ready to get to know them a bit better and formally welcome them into the Ro’fam.

This time, we sat down with our super-talented Talent Manager for Rotterdam and Utrecht, Amy Healy. Read on to find out what her typical day at HQ looks like, her fabulous team and what Rocycle means to her.

First things first – can you introduce yourself?

Hey, I’m Amy. I’m 25 years old and from Ireland! I’ve been living in the Netherlands for almost three years now, and I love it here. My background is in IT, and I did my Master’s in Business Development in Utrecht. I’m a super social person, and it’s one of the many reasons I love my job at Rocycle. I love being surrounded by good people and good food. Fitness became a big part of my life, especially during COVID, so I love that I can work in that field and maintain a balanced lifestyle. For me, exercising is just as much mental as it is physical, and it really allows me to let go of whatever I’m carrying that day! 

Tell us a little bit more about your role at Rocycle. What do you do?

I am the Talent Manager for the Utrecht and Rotterdam teams at Rocycle. This essentially means I’m responsible for my instructors’ careers, development and growth at Rocycle, as well as HR queries, communications, issue handling and things like that! 

With my job I am constantly on the go, bouncing between Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. My role has a very social aspect, as I get to bond and meet my instructors on a regular basis, forming great connections. This is super important to me because I love both my teams. I also get to ride with them often, so it’s a real privilege to see them coach and perform. 

Walk us through a day at Rocycle HQ for you.

I usually get to HQ around 9:00 AM and start my day with a coffee. It’s super nice being there, especially when it’s busy and I get to see my colleagues, catch up and work cross-functionally between the marketing and ops teams. When I am at HQ, I usually try to fill my day with as many in-person meetings and brainstorming sessions as I can because it's nice to do these things in person and use the whiteboard to visualise. And let’s not forget the fully-stocked kitchen, which means lunchtime is always fun. I’ve never had a job that puts such a big emphasis on spending time together and eating lunch as a team. I usually leave between 17:00 and 18:00 and try to take a Rocycle class to end the day! 

What is your team like? What is it like to work for Rocycle?

The talent team is fantastic, and I work with two other amazing Talent Managers and the Head of Talent. We motivate each other to be bold and create new projects that will help our teams grow and succeed. It’s been especially nice to see so much positive change since I started earlier this year. We always have each other’s backs and have a strong supportive culture. 

Working at Rocycle is never boring. Every day is different, so it’s super dynamic. We are always moving forward and creating projects that will spur change and promote growth for the company. Our people are central to the entire company; you never feel like “just a number”. I genuinely feel valued and that I’m creating something positive. 

How did you find your way to Rocycle? 

Funnily enough I applied on a whim! Fitness became a huge part of my life during COVID, and I was taking Rocycle classes when they reopened. I loved being in the studio environment; it's always so positive and energetic and there really is no better feeling than finishing a class with so many endorphins running through your body. I always wanted to work for a smaller company with a strong and meaningful message. When I saw an ad pop up on Instrgram for a role in Utrecht and Rotterdam, I thought there’s no better time for it. I live in Utrecht and was often commuting to Rotterdam at the time so thought this could be my chance. I practically ran to my laptop to apply!

Do you Ro’ride?

Yes, of course! It is also part of my job to attend the rides and see my instructors! I try to take three classes a week when I can. Every class has a different vibe and different music, so you're never bored. 

Is there anything exciting in the works for you or your team at Rocycle in the coming months?

There are always new things coming for both my teams! It’s my job to advocate for them and get them new opportunities and environments to thrive in, so I think there are definitely some exciting things to look forward to and for me to push for. I think the more growth and studios we see opening the more opportunity there is to take their career new levels. 

What are your three favourite things about working at Rocycle?

  1. For sure the people: I love my colleagues and my team, and they have become amazing friends. We push each other, but I can always laugh and unwind with them, which is super important in a dynamic and constantly changing company. I also feel so much appreciation from my team, which is amazing. 
  2. Personal growth and having an impact: I love working for a company that is always adapting and changing and really feeling like I am impacting people in a positive way. Because my role evolves every day, I really feel like I’ve tested myself and my limits and learned things about myself in this role that I couldn’t anywhere else.
  3. Working for a company whose values I genuinely support: Fitness is really central to my life and how I feel on a daily basis. More than that, though, I work out for the mental aspect of it, and I really feel that from Rocycle. It allows me to let go of whatever challenges I’m facing that day and encourages me to push past my boundaries. I’m very lucky to work in such a positive and high energy environment. 

Love it. Finally, what does Rocycle mean to you?

For me, Rocycle means love for people, pushing boundaries and making a mark. I have only worked here a few months, and I’ve already seen huge changes. I can only imagine what heights we'll reach in the future, and I’m excited to be a part of it! 

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