HQ Heroes: Amber

HQ Heroes: Amber

By now, all of you probably know each and every one of our instructors better than your own colleagues (or families, even!). You spend time sweating it out together on the bike. You connect on our social channels – and theirs. And you get to know their favourite tunes on Spotify.

But, Rocycle is actually so much more than our instructors alone. We have an incredible team working behind the scenes to make our Ro’fam as wonderful, inspiring and inclusive as it is. And they do so pretty invisibly.

Though we’re heartily impressed by just how seamlessly they do their jobs, we decided it’s time to shine the spotlight on our HQ team. We’re ready to get to know them a bit better and formally welcome them into the Ro’fam.

This week, we had the pleasure of picking our Zuidas Studio Manager Amber’s brain. They told us all about a day in the life at the studio, killer company rides and what Rocycle means to them.

Hey Amber! Alright, let’s get started. Can you introduce yourself?

Sure can. My name’s Amber, I’m queer + non-binary (they//them pronouns, please!) and I’m the Studio Manager for Rocycle Zuidas.

Duly noted! What about your role here at Rocycle? What exactly does it entail?

I manage the Studio Team and anything related to the studio itself, whether that be ensuring our clients receive the best service possible or that the studio itself is up to snuff. I’m basically the person that everyone can come to for any and alllll things Rocycle Zuidas.

You are the sage of Zuidas! What would a typical workday look like for you?

No day looks the same for me, and that’s why I love this environment so much! I cannot handle a repetitive 9-5… Thankfully, my routine changes constantly here. It could be that I am up bright and early working with the team at Zuidas or getting in an office day at HQ - or really anywhere in between! Either way, my days are filled with humans from all parts of Rocycle; it’s a dynamic role that I’m really glad to have.

It sounds like you’re always kept on your toes – dream! What about your team? What are they like?

My team might be the youngest of the studio teams, but many have been there for years already! They’re a solid team that know one another well and socialize outside of work too, which is super cute to see. This summer, some of them graduated and are on to new adventures; that means I am in the process of adding some new people to our team. So, it’s an exciting time for us here at Zuidas.

How did you find your way to Rocycle?

I used to work in the boutique fitness scene in London at an immersive yoga studio, but I was spending all my time at the spin studio next door. I totally fell in love with the way of working out. I was riding multiple times a day - def my therapy! So, naturally I was keen to work at a cycling studio. I moved back home to Switzerland and let me tell you – there is no spinning there… it was painful. Long story short, as soon as I planned my move to Amsterdam, I knew exactly where I wanted to work, and thankfully everything worked out!

We’d call that fate! So, we guess you do a little Ro’riding yourself?

Um, yes! …I’m still a bit sore right now after our Last Company Ride at Escape haha, but it was worth it. 100%.

No pain no gain, as they say. Is there anything exciting in the works for you or your team at Rocycle in the coming months?

Personally, I’m looking forward to Pride season (and Pride Rides!) and to watching both my team members and Rocycle itself continue to develop! It feels very cool to be a part of something that is always growing and evolving. I’m also hoping to join the Diversity Committee, so that would also be something very exciting!

Oooh great idea! Keep us posted on that one. What are your three favourite things about working at Rocycle?

The Ro’team, the variety of the role and, of course, the Ro’Rides!

Three fab things. Ok, we’re at the end here. What does Rocycle mean to you?

Oof, how do I put it into words? Rocycle means a lot to me. Moving to Amsterdam was

not an easy experience for me, but as soon as I joined Rocycle, it made it all worth it. You

really cannot underestimate how great it is to have a job you enjoy and feel aligned with.

There’s also something very empowering about being in a workspace where you feel you

have as much to offer it as it does you.

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